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Three Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

When should a company redesign its website?

A regular website redesign should be part of the marketing budget of every successful company. Sometimes, it can feel impossible to keep up with the latest web design trends!

This can be a simple process, or a much more detailed one, depending on the last time your website was updated. You may need to update your content management system’s software and the images on your site, or you may need to overhaul your entire website.

You will want to make sure your website looks clean and modern, works with mobile devices, modern browsers, and is secure.

How Do I know if I need a redesign or just a refresh?
  1. Low-quality imagery. Your website has low-quality images that are only suitable for low-resolution monitors. Most modern web designs have images that are optimized and look good on both large screens and small mobile devices. It’s time to scrap those low-resolution graphics and upgrade your site.
  2. No responsive web design. When you visit the website on mobile devices, you need to zoom and pan to see and read your content. Today, more than half of website traffic is done on mobile devices. If your site is hard to read or navigate, you will lose customers
  3. Slow loading time. If your site takes forever to load, it’s time to start over with a new website. Old websites can get bogged down with heavy graphics and outdated code. Search engines (and people) have little patience when it comes to slow websites. If your site is slow to load, it won’t rank in search engines, and people who click on it won’t stay long.

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